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Personal Development

The following courses are examples of training delivered recently. Each course programme is completely flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. This will include creating case studies and exercises that are appropriate and relevant to your employees.

Effective Communication Skills (1 day)

Effective communication is vital in business, whether it involves colleagues, customers or managers. Frequently, inappropriate communication causes relationship difficulties, which usually has a negative impact on performance.

The ability to communicate well is a crucial skill which constantly needs to be enhanced and developed. This course is essential for everyone in your business covering

• What is effective communication?
• Why do we sometimes get it wrong?
• Emotional Intelligence
• Appearing and sounding more confident

Effective Presentation Skills (1.5 days)

What is your biggest fear when delivering a presentation? That you will dry up, bore people to death or that you will just look plain foolish? Many people dread speaking in public and often fail to deliver a quality presentation because they allow negative self talk to become a self fulfilling prophecy! This course will give you a host of practical tips and some transformational feedback which will improve your technique and give you a real confidence boost.

The course covers
• Designing and delivering an effective presentation
• Sounding and appearing more confident
• Dealing with awkward situations

Effective Meeting Skills (1 day)

As John Cleese once said “Meetings, Bloody Meetings!” - how many of us share that sentiment? We often spend a great deal of time in meetings, which becomes even more of a problem when we feel our time is being wasted by poorly managed ones.

You will see significant improvements if you put the learning from this course into practice – it covers how to

• Take essential action required prior to any meeting
• Produce an informative and engaging agenda
• Control flow during the meeting
• Manage disruptions
• Encourage participation
• Bring the meeting to a successful conclusion


Training the Trainer (2 days)

Do you need people to regularly pick up the training role in your business? Getting them CIPD trained and qualified is a costly business and may not be appropriate to your business needs. This course covers the essential aspects of the role to ensure that all your internal training is valued as a professional, effective and value for money service and recognised as an employee benefit.

The course covers
• Adult Learning Styles
• Training Needs Assessment
• Designing, developing and delivering effective training sessions
• Measuring Impact
• Having a Go

Exceptional Customer Service (1 day)

In today’s competitive market customers are expecting exceptional and memorable interactions and experiences. Being able to provide excellent customer service can be the difference between gaining and keeping a customer and losing one. Never under estimate the value, of investing in ensuring everyone in your business understands and demonstrates the right attitude and behaviours, needed to deliver excellent customer service.

This course will challenge your people to look at existing norms and inspire them to raise their game through exploring

• The benefits of improved customer service
• Communication styles and rapport building
• What customers really want
• How customer service can be improved


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