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One thing I have found during my career, the obstacles I have overcome and the changes I have made, only came about when I had someone to support me.

I have been fortunate enough, to have had a few inspirational managers and peers. These people were skilled in enabling me to clarify my thoughts, about what I really wanted to achieve, both in my professional and personal lives. Additionally, they helped me identify the barriers that were getting in my way (which turned out not to be the ones I thought!) and how to overcome them. They helped motivate me and keep me on track, and when I needed options, they helped me see other ways of achieving my goals.
These people could be described as Life Coaches (or Personal Coaches). Not everyone has people in their lives, with coaching skills. Not everyone has a line manager who will take time to help them develop and progress towards their personal goals. If you don’t, then maybe it is time to make the changes you want, with the help of a Professional Personal Coach.

I have been in Leadership and Management Development training most of my life. But I am also a qualified Life Coach, and I have been a Personal Coach to many people along the way. I became a Personal Coach, because I know, not everyone has someone they feel is appropriate, for whatever reason, to support them.

I am passionate about enabling people to be the best they can be, and although training plays an important part, in acquiring knowledge and new skills, sometimes we need more than that.

This may include a change in mind set, understanding what’s important to us, changing limiting beliefs about ourselves, having more self-confidence, being able to say no, managing personal stress, improving our worklife balance, gaining the promotion we deserve, getting a new job, making a career change…….

If you want to feel a new sense of energy, more fulfilled and happier……both professionally and personally…..a Personal Coach could help you achieve what you really want!

Give me a call for an informal chat about what a personal coaching session/programme might involve for you Mob: 07794559808

or email me if you prefer

“Sue has been personally responsible for the post I occupy today inspiring me to aim higher than I had hitherto envisaged. Thank you Sue."
Diane Webster, Nottinghamshire County Council


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