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Leadership and Management Training

The following courses are examples of training delivered recently. Each course programme is completely flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. This will include creating case studies and exercises that are appropriate and relevant to your employees.

Bright Thinking Days (1 day)

It is important for any senior management team to regularly take time out to review business growth, direction, ongoing issues and success.

Bright Thinking Days are bespoke in design but generally offer an opportunity for senior managers, with the help of a trained, qualified and experienced facilitator, to

• Review, Discuss, challenge
• Create vision, values, strategy
• Identify root causes of issues
• Problem solve
• Make decisions
• Develop strategy for change
• Plan for the future
• Develop implementation plans
• Strengthen senior management team working relationships

Developing Tomorrow’s Manager (1 day)

Are there people in your business who are beginning to stand out as managers for the future? How do you keep aspiring managers motivated and on track for promotion? Is management really the right direction for them?

This course provides the answers to these questions and more. It can form part of a Talent Management Programme helping to ensure your best people stay with you or can be used as part of an individual’s personal learning and development.

The course aims to give the participant an idea of what they can expect from the management role and what will be expected of them. Includes taster sessions on:

• Management styles
• The Manager’s role
• Self Awareness
• Building and Developing a team
• Managing Performance

Developing the New Manager Programme (2 days)

Appointing people into their first management role can be a risky business. Someone who has shown signs of great leadership potential often flounders, without appropriate support and development. This popular course prepares newly appointed managers (supervisors/ team leaders) by introducing them to the fundamental requirements of managing people.

The programme includes:

• Dealing with the transition to management
• Examining the qualities, skills and behaviours of effective managers
• Effective feedback skills
• Appraisal Interviews
• Managing Learning & Development
• Relationship Building
• Conflict Management
• Motivating and Developing the Team

The Essential Manager’s Programme (2 days)

This course is aimed at experienced managers who may have been managing for some time, but who require a refresher in good people management practice, current thinking and up to date techniques.

The event also provides an opportunity to discuss common issues, share experiences and good practice and explore:

• What leadership styles work best
• Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts on leadership
• Mobilising and inspiring the team and individuals
• Increasing self awareness
• Connecting people with the vision, values, goals and change
• Meaningful Appraisal Interviews
• Team Development

Effective Appraisal Interviews (1 day)

Do your appraisal meetings feel worthwhile or are they viewed as a tick box exercise that everyone just endures? Managing people effectively is one of the biggest challenges for today’s managers and effective appraisals should play a significant part in this. This highly successful course provides a practical toolkit to help make your appraisals more meaningful and productive and enable you to tackle issues in an objective and professional way.

The course covers

• Creating the right climate for communication
• Personal Objective Setting
• Performance issues
• Effective feedback techniques
• Creating Learning & Development Opportunities

Effective Meeting Skills (1 day)

As John Cleese once said “Meetings, Bloody Meetings!” - how many of us share that sentiment? We often spend a great deal of time in meetings, which becomes even more of a problem when we feel our time is being wasted by poorly managed ones.

You will see significant improvements if you put the learning from this course into practice – it covers how to

• Take essential action required prior to any meeting
• Produce an informative and engaging agenda
• Control flow during the meeting
• Manage disruptions
• Encourage participation
• Bring the meeting to a successful conclusion

Team Building for Managers (1 day)

It is not always appropriate in terms of time and cost to ‘buy in’ external services for team building activities. This course will equip managers to plan and facilitate their own team building events, which can simply take the place of a regular team meeting or be more ambitious in their design.

The course covers

• Understanding how teams develop
• Practical team building activities
• Facilitation skills

Please note we offer a fully bespoke and facilitated team building service – please contact us for more details 0115 9455090

Managing Change (1 day)

Whether in a recession or better economic times, most businesses recognise that they must continually seek to improve performance, whilst making efficiency savings wherever possible. This often requires frequent changes to workplace structures and procedures which can have a negative effect on your people, if not handled appropriately.

This course is essential for any business considering change covering

• Creating a vision and rationale for change
• Recognising the impact change will have on people
• Integrating people into the change process
• Communication
• Designing a framework for change – what needs to happen

Please note we can also support you through the change process by facilitating change workshops and focus groups within your business

Coaching for Performance (1 day)

Development of the team is a manager’s responsibility. Learning & development needs are often met through training but coaching can be used for increasing the return on training investment and can even replace courses altogether. Effective coaching has become a vitally important skill for maximising and continually expanding employee potential, which benefits your business by improving employee motivation and productivity.

This course will equip managers with the ability to coach their staff to greater levels of competence and confidence and will cover

• The Competency Cycle
• How people learn
• Helping people to change
• The role of the Coach
• Developing your personal coaching style
• The GROW coaching model and how to use it effectively

Absence Management – Return to Work Interviews (1 day)

Return to work interviews play an important part in reducing the levels of absenteeism, but they have to be more than a form filling exercise to have any effect.

This course will provide managers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills needed to carry out an effective interview including

• Reasons why people go off ‘sick’
• How to reduce absenteeism
• Preparing for the interview
• Structuring an effective interview
• Communication Skills


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